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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:34 pm

General Forum Rules:

- Do not insult other members.
- Racism/discrimination is forbidden.
- Do not multipost or spam.
- Please post a thread in a relevant section, else it will be moved or deleted.
- Do not make multiple accounts, 1 is enough.
- Do not bump old threads with useless replies or outdated information.
- Always follow section related rules.
- Always listen to moderators, administrators and section moderators they are your fellow gamers so show respect.
- You are not allowed to post any illegal/cracked software/movies/series, you can talk about movies/games/series but NEVER give any download links.
- Don't steal content, and give credits if alowed to use.
-It is suggested you do not talk about botting or give out any info about bots.
-Scamming is not tolerated
-Do NOT post links to other sites, due to them being possibly being phising sites they will be closed. The only links that are allowed are youtube.com/imageshack.us/megaupload.com


- You may get a short term ban for breaking rules.
- Permanent bans will be given for repitive rule breaking and heavy delicts.
- IP bans may be given for permanent banned members who create a new account, or to players who do not belong to the union and are trying to take advantage of this forum.
-Scamming or any type of trickery towards other members will result in a ip ban and band from the guild ingame.

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